Today I saw the forest weeping.
The sunlit sky dripped diamonds
off branches and pine needles.

Today I saw the forest weeping.
After a frigid day and night,
it shrugged on a winter coat of ice and snow.

Today I saw the forest weeping.
The dead leaves exposed the trunks and branches,
making the abrupt winter spell a shock.

Today I saw the forest weeping.
It doesn't know why, like most of us,
and sometimes it makes me want to cry, too.

Today I saw the forest weeping.
The tears would dry and freeze and thaw,
repeating, hopefully, until the end.

The darkness in you
shines, like a galaxy
full of possibilities
that you ignore.

Hiding from the darkness
in you, in me, in them,
is the relentless 
wrong choice.

People say darkness brews
evil and hatred and fear.
But only in the dark
can we hear the truth.

The darkness isn’t inherently
evil or vile or frightening.
But it’s a place
few of us like to traverse.

Our blunders and cruelty
are amplified in the dark,
especially when unhealed.
We visit them privately in slumber.

We mistreated darkness.
The cracks of our humanity
are contained the dark,
but they always exist.

Blunders whisper in the light
but roar in the night.
If we face those truths,
then we can silence them.

To see the truth,
see the colors humanity
gives us are dimensions
to learn how to love.

Half your life is spent in the dark.
It cocoons you in dreams
where you’re free to roam.
It refreshes you.

We stigmatized darkness
because it’s easier
to turn a blind eye
than see the truth.

You live in a binary world.
Where you pretend
it’s only two options.
It’s never only bad or good.

Darkness doesn’t brew evil.
It’s a nocturnal refuge,
for the night-shift dreamers.
It’s the womb of life and gates of death.

Darkness shows true colors,
revealing those daycrawlers
who wait for nightfall
to indulge their brokenness.

Only in the way of the light
have I seen people
judge others for darkness
without hearing the truth of their words.

The light blinded you,
seared fear, hate, and evil
into your soul.
Now, you’re bland, depthless white.

Embrace the darkness.
Delve into every crack.
See the cruel blunders that made you.
They become burdens when ignored.

Find refuge in the dark.
Bask in the galaxy
full of possibilities
drenched in moonless night.

Reveal to the blind
the light they worship
is only a brewer of evil
without the dark.

Half the world is cloaked in darkness.
Cradling us in our sleep,
mending the battle wounds
we’ve collected in daylight.

Those cruel blunders
white ancestors made
against ancient darkness
don’t have to burden you.

When you see them
as cruel truths shrouded in light,
you've welcomed the darkness.
You've cleansed the palate of your soul.

Live free from the binary.
Pay homage to the coddling darkness
you’ve blindly stigmatized.
See all the possibilities you’ve ignored.

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